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The Minnesota State Fair kicks off Aug, 22 for a day run that concludes on Labor Day, Sept. 2. Normal admission prices range from.
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I came home with all sorts of stuff.

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Stickers, magnets, buttons, pens, pencils, water bottles nice metal ones too , koozies, yard sticks, back packs, Home Depot was even giving out 5 gallon buckets if you spun their wheel I really wanted one We were handed so many canvas shopping bags that we had to start refusing them. My favorite freebie was a tree. Yes that's right, a literal tree Well, it was a sapling for you to bring home and plant.

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And ours ended up dying, but still, how crazy is that? I didn't see it listed, but Star Tribune always gives out a wacky flavor of chapstick every year. It's a big deal.

How to Save Money at the Minnesota State Fair 12222

Last years was Traffic Cone, the year before that was Stick, as in a literal stick that you might find on a corn dog. So definitely look for that. When I went, they only gave them out every 30 minutes because they in such high demand. However, you have to ask the volunteers running the booth for them, as they are not allowed to advertise it.

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If you eat at McDonald's, check your bag before throwing it out. They can be used any day! If you want to hit the fair at night, bring an empty Dr. Pepper can for half price admission after 5 p. And consider buying your tickets online that will save you a little money, too.